Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the breakfast take place?


Thursday Men’s Breakfast meets in the Oak Room of Boston’s historic Union Club, located on the fifth floor overlooking the Boston Common, and is the perfect place to start the day. The Breakfast is not a Union Club-sponsored event, but a private gathering using the facilities of this institution. 

Park Street T Stop (one block)

Boston Common Garage

Metered Parking on Park Street and Beacon Street


What is the schedule?


Every Thursday

7:15 - 7:45 Fellowship Time

7:45 - 8:00 Breakfast Served

8:00 - 8:30 Message

The Breakfast does not meet on Thanksgiving Day

What should I wear?


The Union Club has a dress code of “business casual” that The Thursday Men’s Breakfast adhere’s to. It’s defined as shirts with a collar, dress slacks or denim in good condition, and non-athletic shoes. Athletic attire is not allowed in the club.


Is there a cost?


Thanks to generous donors, the regular rate for the breakfast is $15. Further discounts apply:

All rates are subsidized by the generous contributions of donors to the Breakfast


What topics are covered?


A variety of teachings from a rotation of speakers provides a broad range of perspectives from Protestant and Catholic traditions. Prior topics have included: A Series on Acts, We Have Hope (2 Cor. 5:1-10), Leaders & Leadership Gifts - Deborah is a “Courage-Giving” Leader, Victorious Victoms (Revelation 5), and many others.


Who attends?


Men of all:

  • ages; from college students to retirees.

  • Christian denominations; Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and many others.

  • ethnicities.

  • sectors of the workplace.

And the occasional red tail hawk!


I don’t identify as a Christian. Can I attend?


Absolutely. Men who identify (or don’t identify) with any spiritual background are welcome.


How many people attend?


On average there are about 40-60 guests at a breakfast.


Why do you have this breakfast?


The breakfast provides an opportunity to be refreshed in the middle of the week with a variety of others who are looking for the same kind of refreshment. We want there to be a place in Boston where men can have mid-week Christian fellowship around a good meal.